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Front-Line Therapists:


As per the OAP guidelines (2018): Front-Line Therapists are responsible for implementing the services outlined in the Behaviour Plan, and must receive an appropriate amount of training and clinical supervision from the Clinical Supervisor.


The amount of clinical supervision will depend on the staffing structure of the service provider, the type of services being delivered and the needs of the child/youth. 

Most front-line tasks involve direct contact with the child/youth and family, and include, but are not limited to, the following:

•Assisting in activities related to the child/youth’s initial assessment and the development of the Behaviour Plan.

•Delivering ongoing assessments and evidence based services directly to the child/youth and/or family/caregiver. Services can be delivered in a variety of formats (e.g. group, individual, self-directed).

•Delivering evidence based behavioural services and training to build the family’s capacity to maintain and/or extend skills in the child/youth’s natural environment (e.g., family/caregiver educational workshops, parent training to generalize and maintain the child/youth’s skills, parent/caregiver mediated intervention) as appropriate.

•Collecting data to monitor progress.

•Discussing progress with the family, the Clinical Supervisor, and other professionals involved with the child/youth as necessary.

•Attending meetings relevant to service planning, including Family Team meetings, meetings about the Family Service Plan, and community meetings.

•Assisting in activities related to the child/youth’s transition planning.

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